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June 29, 2018


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Mouse Gavage Needle- A Tool to Feed the Mice and Rats

What is a mouse gavage needle? What is it used for? A mouse gavage needle is used to orally dose the mice and the rats. Firstly, the mouse or the animal needs to be weighed in order to select the right size of the mouse gavage needle. Using the metal gavage needle is easier as the mouse cannot bite it and spoil as in case of rubber or plastic mouse gavage needles. Although, plastic is not harsh to esophagus as the metal one. is a reliable store for all your gavage needle requirements.

The testimonial from Prafulla G. says he found it easy as all the needles were individually packaged. Thus, whole pack de-sterilizing is not required. Get your best mouse gavage needle at nominal price.

High Quality Oral Gavage / Animal Feeding Needle

Cyndi H
Cyndi H


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