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About Us

People often ask us why did we started gavageneedle? Our answer is to provide an experience that focuses on customer needs. What we found was customers were looking for quicker service or their internal supplier process was too time consuming or they just needed fewer needles at a decent price. We started gavageneedle.com to full fill all these needs.

We are the only place where you can buy as few as 1 needle at lower price then market leaders including free shipping. We are BBB Certified A+ business based out of beautiful Phoenix AZ. 

GavageNeedle.Com is a division of PetSurgical. It was created with the goal of creating one stop shop for wide range of  our PetSurgical brand of gavage / animal feeding needles for our lab customers. We currently sell a wide range of reusable feeding / gavage needles and are in process of developing a new low cost disposable version. If you need a specific size thats not available in store than please use contact form below or call us at +1(623) 233-0195 or email at info@gavageneedle.com or Fax us at 818 582 8378