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Reusable Oral Gavage Needles (10G - 24G)

Reusable Oral Gavage Needles (10G - 24G)

Our Reusable Oral Gavage / Animal Feeding Needles  from PetSurgical (Proud Member of AALAS) are designed to ensure feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissue of the animal. 

  • Extra smooth round ball stainless steel tip designed to minimize tissue injury during oral gavage process
  • Reusable metal hub with luer lock fitting that would fit most syringes
  • Smooth stainless steel ball tip
  • Can be used as perfusion needle
  • Packed and sold individually
  • Used for feeding baby rat, mice and other animals in lab 
  • Sold unsterile - please sterilize before use
  • Used as Crop Needles For Feeding Birds as well
  • Straight & Curved gavage needles
  • Available in 20+ sizes 

Crop Feeding Needles (PetSurgical Brand) & animal feeding needles are made of 100% stainless steel & its extra smooth tips are ideal for feeding mice, rats. Gavage Needles can be used to feed birds & other small animals. Ships worldwide from USA. Shop Now.



    24G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN2425S
    24G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN2425C
    22G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN2225S
    22G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN2225C
    20G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN2025S
    20G x 25mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN2025C
    20G x 38mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN2038S
    20G x 38mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN2038C
    14G x 74mm (4mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN1474S
    14G x 74mm (4mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN1474C
    18G x 50mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN1850S
    18G x 50mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN1850C
    18G x 76mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN1876S
    18G x 76mm (2mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN1876C
    16G x 76mm (3mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN1676S
    16G x 76mm (3mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN1676C
    12G x 99mm (6.25mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN1299S
    12G x 99mm (6.25mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN1299C
    10G x 150mm (6.25mm Tip Diameter) Straight AFN10150S
    10G x 150mm (6.25mm Tip Diameter) Curved AFN10150C



    1. Sizes mention gavage needle tubing size (Gauge), Length in mm and diameter of the stainless steel ball tips in mm. 

    2. Example 24Ga x 25mm (1.2mm Tip) means it is a 24Gauge Needle with 25 mm length and 1.2mm diameter of the smooth ball tip 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 151 reviews
      A. Hernandez (Birmingham, US)
      Reusable Oral Gavage Needles- 18G

      Excellent customer service, delivery was very quick. Overall very satisfied with the whole experience and the product.

      GENERAL STORES (Memphis, US)

      End user satisfied with Reusable Oral Gavage Needles purchased. Will purchase again as needed.

      D.R. Warner (Louisville, US)
      Highly recommended

      Same item we purchased from a different vendor several years ago at ~5 times the cost from here. Quality is identical!

      Robin Powell (Poplar Bluff, US)
      Oral Gavage needle

      An Oral Gavage needle was purchased for one of our Vet tech students, as part of her study requiremnets.

      Anonymous (Brooklyn, US)
      Good quality for a reasonable price

      I recently bought some gavage needles, and they're working great. They're easy to use and safe for the animals, making feeding and medication tasks much simpler. These needles have been a solid investment for our animal care needs.

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      Ask a Question
      • Hi, I would like to replace an old curved steel gavage needle. To measure the length, do I include the luer connection? Also, do you ship to Australia? Many Thanks Carsten

        No please do not include the luer hub. Yes we ship to Australia you can find shipping options at checkout

      • What size need do you recomend to feed a mice daily from 3 weeks to 7weeks old?


         Kindly refer to this chart that recommends size of animal feeding needles based on weight of the mouse/rat

        Thank you

      • what is the inner diameter of the tip (the opening)?

        It varies by the guage. We follow typical needle gauge sizes so their ID will be standard based on the birmingham standard. Kindly contact us so that we can get you specific ID dimensions

      • I have an internship skill I need to complete and am looking for the best size feeding needle for medium sized dumbo marten male rats, four months old. What size an style would be best to order?

        Hi we cannot recommend a size, however we have posts some links in our blog where you can find recommedations by some universites 

      • Do you sell garage needle kits? I’m looking for 22/20 ga, 18/16ga and 14/12ga. Also do you sell any that are 5 inches long or so? (Curved).

        We dont sell kits but you can easily select above sizes from drop down and make your own kit. only size longer then 5'' is a 10G reuable gavage needles which is 6'' long. It comes in straight and curved options and sold as pack of 1.

      • I need smallest curved crop needle they make, what size is that

        Did you mean the smalled diameter? If yes that would be our 26G x 38mm malleable disposable animal feeding needle

      • Is there any link or shop where I can buy your product (gavage needles) in Nigeria without having to order from abroad?

        We can ship to Nigeria if you place an order on our website. We dont have a rep in Nigeria. Thanks.

      • We would like to dose rats (more than 200 gm) microparticles of size 240micron. We need a gavage needle with end opening which can let the particles go smoothly without getting stuck. Is there one available or can be made on order.

        You can order check the size chart here

        However, regarding if your micro particles will pass through we cannot answer that but based on the guage you should look up diameter of the tube. Or easiest would be to order 1 needle and see if it would work

      • Can the straight needles be bent?

        Yes but it may block if not bent properly with right toolings

      • Hello. This is Dr. Rawan AlHarmi from Princess AlJawhara Center for Molecular Medicine, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. I would like to inquire about the following product: AFN2038C. I would like to get a quote for 5 pieces including shipping cost to Bahrain. I would also like to know how long will the shipment take to arrive in Bahrain. Thank you.

        WHen you add your card and put in the shippingformation you can see the shipping cost and times at checkout. Typically it would take 10-15 days for international shipments

      • I would like to order a curved gavage reusable needle for mice but I cannot remember the size I was using in my former lab. could you give a suggestion? I remember I was using a rat one but for mice and it worked extremely well. Best Paolo

        please email us at and our customer team can help you

      • Is it possible to get 16 G needle 76 mm long with 2mm tip? I need 2 dozens of them.

        sorry the sizes available is what we have to make custom we need minimums of 10,000 needle order

      • Can you modify the feeding tubes to match our experiment. I need holes in the feeding tubes/

        Yes but minimums for custom needles is 10,000 pcs order. please email us at for more information

      • Quote for AFN1676S gavage needles, please send me a quote PDF to my email address. Thank you!

        kindly email your request at

      • does it come with a plunger? where do I get the other part so I can de worm my birds. I know where to get the medication

        No this needles does not come with syringe you can use any over the counter syringe for this as long as tip is luer slip