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Disposable Oral Gavage Needles (Box of 20)(Sterile)

Disposable Oral Gavage Needles (Box of 20)(Sterile)

Our new disposable oral gavage needle from PetSurgical (Proud Member of AALAS) is an easy to use sterile / single use animal feeding needle.
Key Features:
  • Sterile individually pouch packed ready to use feeding needle.

  • Smooth stainless steel ball tip to minimize any tissue damage. 

  • Stainless steel tubing for bite protection and easy to use.

  • Plastic luer lock hub that fits most syringes.

  • Straight & curved gavage needles.

  • Individually Pouch Packed so that if you need 1 gavage needle than you only open 1 pouch.

  • Box of 20 Disposable oral gavage needles.

  • Please note 24G x 38mm size is now available as malleable disposable option. Click here to purchase


    List of all the sizes and skus

    Size Sku #
    15G x 79mm (3mm Tip) Straight DAFN1579
    18G x 51mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN1851S
    18G x 76mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN1876S
    18G x 38mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN1838S
    18G x 30mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN1830S
    20G x 30mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN2030S
    20G x 30mm (2mm Tip) Curved DAFN2030C
    20G x 38mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN2038S
    20G x 38mm (2mm Tip) Curved DAFN2038C
    22G x 25mm (2mm Tip) Straight DAFN2225S
    1. Sizes mention gavage needle tubing size (Gauge), Length in mm and diameter of the stainless steel ball tips in mm. 
    2. Example 20Ga x 30mm (2mm Tip) means it is a 20Gauge Needle with 30 mm length and 2mm diameter of the smooth ball tip 
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Brian Long (Wilmington, US)
      Happy Vet tech

      Very nice gavage needles. Bendable to your liking. Id suggest you folks set up at a AALAS meeting. Never knew you existed until a quick Google search.

      Connie Larsson (North Andover, US)

      Consistently reliable dosing needles. Bulb tip of dosing needles are the perfectly sized

      MD (Minneapolis, US)
      Smoothly sliding oral gavage needle!

      Disposable oral gavage needles are very nice, they worked perfectly without making much uncomfortable to mice.

      Sara Tenlep (Lexington, US)
      Great product

      I have been using your products for years now and I am very satisfied. The shipment comes on time. I will really recommend the disposable Gavage needles from your company to who ever want to do oral feeding on mice.

      connie larsson (Andover, US)
      Affordable and high quality

      consistent and quick delivery

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