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Malleable Disposable Oral Gavage Needle (Flexible Tube) Box Of 20, Sterile

Malleable Disposable Oral Gavage Needle (Flexible Tube) Box Of 20, Sterile

Introducing new MALLEABLE disposable oral gavage needle from PetSurgical (Proud Member of AALAS) is a new much awaited addition to our oral gavage needle portfolio. Flexible malleable tubing provides added level of ease of use as the tubing bends easily making the feeding procedure easier.

Key Features:

  • Malleable stainless steel tube adds to the flexibility of tube and makes it very easy to bend aimed at minimizing damage to the tissue during animal feeding procedure

  • Sterile individually pouch packed ready to use feeding needle 

  • Smooth stainless steel ball tip to minimize any tissue damage 

  • Stainless steel tubing for bite protection and easy to use  

  • Plastic luer lock hub that fits most syringes

  • Straight and Curved ( More Curved options coming soon)

  • Individually Packed So that when you need 1 you just open 1 pack

  • Box of 20 Disposable Oral Gavage Needles

  • Available sizes in 24G & 26G


1. Sizes mention gavage needle tubing size (Gauge or G), Length in mm and diameter of the stainless steel ball tips in mm. 
2. Example 26G x 25mm (1.5mm Tip) means it is a 26 Gauge Needle with 25 mm length and 1.5mm diameter of the smooth ball tip 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sophia L
Works great

Nice needle and good quality.

MD (Minneapolis, US)

Nice oral Gavage needle!

Tim Ahuis (Groningen, NL)
Stress reliever

These malleable metal gavages are superb. For mice, I've always been in favor of metal gavages as the risk of biting through plastic gavages can potentially be very dangerous to the animal. Though, the downside of the metal ones was that you have higher chances of rupturing the esophagus. These in-between gavages work perfectly however and avoid both these mentioned risks. On my adult mice I used the 24Gx38mm version and it worked very smoothly and also quicker than with my standard metal gavages. Be sure however, to not fully insert the needle as it's a bit too long. Officially, they are disposable but they are of such high quality that you can easily re-use them. I can recommend these to anyone, as they proofed to be a big stress reliever for me :)!

George Howell (Starkville, US)
Malleable gavage needles

Work as they should however the 38 mm is a little long for mice.

Adam A.
Works will with exotics

We use them for our exotic patients and have no complaints so far.

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