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July 14, 2015


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Oral gavage for birds

Here is a short excerpt from the article 


  • All the equipment and consumables required should be prepared and placed ready for use before the bird is removed from its accommodation.
  • A clean, sterilised tube should be used for each individual bird.
  • Check that the tube is patent (not blocked) before use; with transparent tubes a visual inspection can be used.
  • Prepare a syringe with the required medication, fluids or formula.
  • Connect a flexible feeding tube (for example: a urinary catheter, giving set, lamb feeding tube or stainless steel feeding needle) firmly to the syringe ensuring that the tube is of a type that will not cause damage to the mucosa, with a smooth and rounded end.
    • Note that the end of the syringe must fit the tube used, e.g. a catheter-tipped syringe is required to fit a lamb feeding tube. (B13.15.w10)
  • If tube feeding or giving fluids, check the temperature of the feed/fluids (should be warm but not too hot) - squirt a small amount onto your wrist to check the temperature. (D9)
  • Fluids may be warmed by placing them in hot water until they are just warm to the touch (100°F/38°C). (D135.5.w5)
  • Empty the tube of air by expelling a little fluid from the syringe. (D135.5.w5)

Oral gavage needles can be used to feed birds as well. Click here to view the complete article.


Nik J
Nik J


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